About us

Every parent wants to offer the best for their children, to make them happy. At GMC Fun Place – Kitengela, we offer a perfect answer to this human need.  This is a friendly facility that seeks to generate the highest form of fun, happiness, transformation and family love.

We are an oasis of family Transformation. Here as GMC Fun Place, we offer hundreds of families with amazing, state-of-the-art, convenient and fun-filled children’s park, where children indulge in the best games ever, as their parents enjoy well-cooked meals.

We aim at generating the highest form of fun, happiness, transformation and family love to all our great customers. We offer the best place for themed birthdays set up, events grounds, wedding grounds, VIP meeting venues, send-off meetings, amongst any other kind of meetings.

We are located on an expansive 5 acre land, that is right by the tarmac, along the busy Namanga Road, just ahead of Acacia Junction, which is a strategically location in terms of accessibility.

GMC Fun Place comes with clean and children-customized restrooms that also have baby changing rooms as well as special washrooms for the physically challenged. At GMC Fun Place, our customer service is both top notch and world class.

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